Emirates Minting Factory is the UAE’s most contemporary private mint and offers some of the highest
quality refining services in the GCC. The skillset that our team attained is reflected in the standards that
we deliver. Emirates Minting Factory offers a wide variety of services such as minting, melting, assaying,
refining, and trading. All are offered and produced within our high standards and professionalism.

  • Minting

    Minting is the process of manufacturing coins by pressing. This pressing process is different from the methods using in casting. Although mostly used for coins, minting is not bound by it and can be used for other shapes as well, such as bars.

    Emirates Minting Factory is one of the UAE's most contemporary private mints producing high quality customized blanks, coins, bars, medallions, and medals for a wide range of clients all around the world. Our team of experienced operators and designers have all the necessary skills and equipment to offer a complete range of options associated with minting, whether it is in precious metals such as gold and silver or non-precious metals such as brass. Our ability to perform the entire process in-house, allows us to mint demanding jobs within a short period of time, while maintaining great quality.

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  • Melting

    The process of melting precious metals is an effective way to recycle scraps of metal into any other form desired. Emirates Minting Factory provides a broad variety of gold and silver melting services by using specially designed induction melting furnaces. All types of gold and silver bars can be casted to fulfill the customer’s requirements. Standard bars, 10 tola bars, kilo bars, half kilo bars, quarter kilo bars, and even grains with purities of up to 995, 999, and 999.9 for gold and up to 999 for silver are all possible. Customization is also always available in order to meet our customer’s unique needs.

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  • Assaying

    Fire assay is considered the most reliable method for accurately determining the content of gold and silver in ores or concentrates. A small sample of the material is chemically separated into the base metal and its impurities. The precious metals remaining are then compared to the original starting weight of the sample to determine the composition percentage.

    Emirates Minting Factory’s laboratory chemists are certified to use the fire assay process, commonly referred to as the cupellation method, to determine the concentration of gold and silver.

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  • Refining

    Refining precious metals such as scrap gold and silver, jewelry scrap, or even high-grade gold doré bars requires a chemical process that eliminates unwanted materials and purifies the output, separating valuable gold from other materials.

    Emirates Minting Factory offers the highest quality of refining which ensures the finest purities of 999.9 in gold and 999 in silver and is equipped to handle and refine large volumes of gold and silver. We have exclusively developed our chemical process of gold and silver refining with new technologies and modern techniques in which we incorporate advanced systems to purify scrap gold and silver. At the core we use a proprietary version of the aqua regia process. This method is used by most of the refiners in the world and was improved by our engineers to meet pollution reduction and environment protection standards.

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  • Trading

    Emirates Minting Factory is fully capable of purchasing and selling any quantities of gold and silver in different shapes and forms at competitive prices with settlement after the final assay at our refinery’s laboratory. Our current production capacity is over 150 metric tons annually and the refined gold output comes in the form of casted bars in standard sizes as well as minted bars. We offer the finest purity up to 999.9 in Gold and 999 in Silver with our cutting-edge facilities and processes.

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